PUPPIES AVAILABLE!! - $1,800.00 Please click links below on the Dams or to the left to see coming litters. Email us for more information. 

$500 Deposit - If you are interested in placing a deposit please email us at info@rockyvalleyfarm.com.  We will email you a Paypal invoice from our Rocky Valley Farm Paypal business account that documents exactly what you are paying for and you put in your financial information in  a secure format that we never see. You do not need a paypal account to pay a paypal invoice. If for whatever reason you should change your mind before selection I will refund 50% of your deposit. All fees forward from there ar non refundable. Feel free to email us with any questions or about this process.

ROCKY VALLEY FARM dedicates 2 fenced acres of our farm for our dogs to have of their very own including a year round fresh running creek for them to explore. We allow them to run as a bonded pack and breed naturally. Sunshine, fresh air, skilled training and love from a human are half of what makes an animal a superior specimen of optimal health, the rest comes from genetics, top quality nutrition and good veterinarian care. We have training packages available from basic commands to Certified Therapy/Service Dogs. I am breeding to encourage old world genetics specifically focused on  hip and joint soundness as well as a tighter lip and eye to target problems that have surfaced due to limited gene pool and genetic variation.

Training Packages Available!

We have multiple training packages to suit anyone from the basics to therapy assistance canine. We have several references regarding these options just let us know! See Training Packages







Coco's Litter - SOLD

Rocky Valley Coco Chanel - AKC

  Brown and White

Generations of OFA documented lineage.  Perfect Conformation. Extremely Devoted and Intelligent.  Makes superior therapy dogs.



Leila's Litter - Taking Deposits Fall 2019

Rocky Valley Leila - AKC/CKC

Dry Mouth. Generations of OFA documented lineage. Super sweet and gentle. 

Luna's Litter - Taking Deposits for Spring 2020

Rocky Valley Luna - AKC/CKC  Generations of OFA documented lineage.. Daughter of Panda with extra Atttentive and Affectionate personality with exceptional conformation. 

Patti's Litter - Taking Deposits for Spring 2020

Rocky Valley Peppermint Patti -

 Generations of OFA documented lineage. Tight Eye and Tight Lip. Daughter of Panda. Tall Girl that is  Super Sweet with Gentle Mouth and Demeanor. Lover of Everyone.



Click on image to read about her and see her litter

Panda's Litter - Retired

Rocky Valley Panda - AKC - Dam and Sir certified Hips, Heart and Petella Good.

Tight eye with Minimal drool lip. Excellent with Children. Extra Large Size with Extra Large Heart : )



Click on image to read about her adn see her litter

Lila - Retired

Rocky Valley Lila  - AKC  - Dam and Sir certified Hips, Heart and Petella Good.

Tight eye and Tight lip. Exceptional in everything I am breeding for. Her daughters are retained for future breeding. 





Email Rocky Valley Farm for more information. 



CONTACT -  Info@RockyValleyFarm.com


The litters will consist exclusively of Landseer pups. There is a possibility of some brown and white Landseers as well. The deposit to be on the waiting list is $500.00 and is 50% refundable for any reason up to time of selection. You may also transfer that to another litter if you wish. Pick of puppies go by order deposit is received.When you select a pup the remaining purchase price can be divided in 2 with 50% due at time of selection.  This fee and all fees forward are non-refundable.  You are welcome to visit the farm anytime EXCEPT after puppies enter isolation. From that point on they are held in strict isolation to ensure optimal health and protection. I provide pictures and videos of their development for your families' enjoyment. I use Paypal to ensure documentable safety and convenience for both parties. Shipping is available for a fee via several methods with  air, ground and my personal delivery to your door as examples. 



(Rocky Valley Farm reserves the right to retain, with full refund, any puppy of its choosing at any time prior to payment in full or transfer of ownership)

Bishop and his new family : )