Rocky Valley Cleopatra 

Rocky Valley Cleopatra CKC/FCI - Cleo is from the blended genetics breeding program and is the daughter of Rocky Valley Black Pearl and Rocky Valley Samson and grandaughter to Rocky Valley Bella and therefore possesses a lot of the old world guarding instinct as well. Cleo only barks when there is truly something amiss. She is a loving, devoted, intuitive girl. She will lay at our feet for hours, adores my grandaughter and gently kisses her feet as they dangle from the stoller then will lay  by her in a protective manner. She possesses Bellas conformation but with a bit more size to her. She has completely tight lip and eye and never drools. She is the friend of every dog on the farm and even a goat or two : )

Born July 29th 2017

White Stripe Girl - Springgate Family

Brown Girl -  Breit Family

Black Girl -  Roberts Family

White Stripe Boy - White Family - Attending Training Academy  - Gold Package

Brown Boy - Ruhl/Woods Family

Black Boy - Simmons Family - Attending Training Academy - Bronze plus Leash