Rocky Valley Coco Chanel

Coco is the daughter of Lila. She is exactly like her mother in all description other than her gorgeous chocolate brown and white coat. Coco is incredibly intelligent and is a talker just like her mom. She has verbalizations she makes for different things. Her offspring will make superior therapy dogs that are devoted supportive companions. They are slightly more acitve and would love to participate in swimming and playing with the family and possess a stronger protective instinct.  She has excellent structure with completely tight lip and eye. 

Spring 2020 - Taking Deposits

1st Choice Male -  Marquez Family

2nd Choice Male -  Available

3rd Choice Male -  Available

1st Choice Female  -  Available

2nd Choice Female  -  Available

3rd Choice Female  -  Available

Male 3 Brown Boy  - Bronze Training Package - Goldberg Lund Family

1st  choice Female - Johnston Family

2nd choice Female - Minor Family

Previous Litters  - SOLD

Coco Brown Girl 1 - SOLD

Super sweet with gentle mouth. She has been socialized with various dog types, farm animals and my 6 month old grandaughter. She is in excellent health with strong solid conformation. 

Coco Brown Boy -Sold

Coco Brown Girl - 2 Sold

Coco Black and White Female - Sold