Rocky Valley Coco Chanel

Coco has a gorgeous chocolate brown and white coat. She produces black and white as well as brown and white pups. Coco is incredibly intelligent and  has verbalizations she makes for different things. Her offspring will make superior therapy dogs that are devoted supportive companions. This line is so devoted. They are the kind that will walk 1000 miles to find you.   She has excellent structure with completely dry mouth and tight eye. 

Coco/Rambo Litter Born Feb 6 2021 - Taking Deposits

Green Collar Brown Boy -  Gribou Family

Light Blue Collar Boy  -  Finnell/Cochran Family

Neon Green Collar Boy - Gnall Family - Training Gold Package

Brown Collar Brown Boy - Yeater Family

Orange Collar Girl   - Pfau Family

Red Collar Girl  -  Duncan Family

Yellow Collar Brown Girl   -  Valenti Family

Blue Collar Girl  -  Brannon Family

Pink Collar Brown Girl   - Coyle Family

Previous Litters  - SOLD

Coco Brown Girl 1 - SOLD

Super sweet with gentle mouth. She has been socialized with various dog types, farm animals and my 6 month old grandaughter. She is in excellent health with strong solid conformation. 

Coco Brown Boy -Sold

Coco Brown Girl - 2 Sold

Coco Black and White Female - Sold