ROCKY VALLEY HEIDI - December 5th 2022 Litter 

Due to the great success and demand over the years for the blended genetics line, I present Heidi. Heidi is from our blended genetics line developed over the last 8 years and has produced her first litter. I have selected various registries breeding stock to produce completely tight lip, tall strong body with silky coat and outstanding temperament consisting of American AKC Landseer Newfoundland, European FCI Landseer Newfoundland, Canadian Landseer Newfoundland as well as percentage American AKC Pyrenees to breed back to the original genetic conformation of Landseer, an American Landseer. One may want to call them a “Newfanees” but there is a lot more science involved with the % blend and stock selection then just current standards of a designer breed such as a “Newfypoo” and the like.  My breeding program process is proprietary intellectual property of Rocky Valley Farm at this time. All breeding stock lineage are cleared 3 generations or more back with great health. Notice the great resemblance they possess to the original Landseer. This line is completely devoted and also possess a protective nature should the need arise. Your family will be safe with them by their side. Their look alone is a deterrent. They possess a strong instinct to assist people as a working dog and I am so excited for the trainer to work with them for my families with special needs but they are also great pups straight to your home as a family companion. These pups are absolutely gorgeous. Our Thor and Pearl, seen on this website, are examples of this line. I love all my dogs but these dogs stand out in trainability and protective nature. Please note due to the genetic makeup, no registration will transfer.

***Several pups from this litter are retained by Rocky Valley Farm for service level training program***

Male 3 -Big boy! Sweet and very affectionate. Excellent with children -  Ready to enter training. Sold

1st Choice Male - Taylor Family - Training Package

1st Choice Female  - Hammarlund Family

2nd Choice Female  - Maddox Family - Training

2nd Choice Male - Everson Family