Rocky Valley Leila - AKC/CKC

Leila is the daughter of Patti and is almost an exact clone of her in every way. Super sweet, super gentle with children and the conformation I am breeding for. She is from our Pretty Girl line and they all have super silky coats and pretty faces with clean lines. She exhibits minimal to no drooling. 

Christmas Pups for 2019 born Nov 22nd - Taking Deposits

1st Choice Male - Black Back Boy - Stoddard Family

 2nd Choice Male - Black Saddle Boy - Munson Family

 3rd Choice Male - Big Brown Boy  - Coyle Family - Training Academy

 4th Choice Male - Brown Star Back Boy  - Keyes Family - Training Academy

 5th  Choice Male - ZigZag Boy - Pending

1st Choice Female - Brown Girl -  Gimlin Family