To Your Door Delivery Service and Other Options










So excited to see your baby but forgot how they are getting to your family? There are several options to get your pup.


1. Pick Up - Many families make a long weekend event out of picking up thier pup. Rocky Valley Farm is located within view of the Cherokee National Park with many beautiful destinations just around the corner. Please note that we however do not provide tours of our other farming operations. See park info below:



2. Air Shipping Via Delta Dash - They offer an excellent service for most of the US at a very reasonable price averaging about $550.


3. Private Delivery - For those of you that would like your pup delivered right to your door  we do provide that service weather permitting. Either the trainer, her fiance ( a federal extradition agent) or I bring the pup to your door with plenty of tender loving care. If you are looking for other times please ask. This fee starts at $350 within a 4 hour radius from our farm and then up from there. We are willing to travel a pretty good distance in nice weather and would be glad to quote you a delivery fee.