Rocky Valley Farm Rabbit


Rabbit - There's a rabbit meat movement going on!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that domestic rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat known to man. The rest of the world has been eating it forever!


If you can cook chicken, you can cook rabbit. We eat it regularly because not only do I know that I have raised it on quality natural ingredients without any antibiotics or hormones and have processed it exceeding USDA guidelines but that it possesses excellent nutritional value. Rabbit is also the number one choice for dogs raised on the Raw Food diet. We sell live as well as frozen. Due to state regulations I may only sell the butchered and frozen rabbit to you labeled "for animal consumption only" however, what you do with it afterward is purely up to you. Like many other naturally raised food conscious folks, we eat it!! : )


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              Nutritional Information About Rabbit Meat


  • Rabbit meat is all white meat.


  • Rabbit has 795 calories per pound. Compare: chicken at 810, veal at 840, turkey at 1190, lamb at 1420, beef at 1440 and pork at 2050.


  • Rabbit has the highest percentage of protein.


  • Rabbit has a lower percentage of fat than chicken, turkey, beef, or pork with unsaturated fatty acids at 63% of the total fatty acids.


  • The cholesterol level in rabbit meat is much lower than chicken, turkey, beef, pork.


  • Research shows that rabbit meat has been recommended for special diets such as for heart disease patients, diets for the elderly, low sodium diets, and weight reduction diets.


  • Because it is easily digested, it has been recommended by doctors for patients who have trouble eating other meats.