ROCKY VALLEY FARM is a naturally and sustainably managed farm with AKC/CKC/FCI registered Newfoundland Landseers, ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats, a couple Scottish Highland Cattle and Free Range Chickens and Rabbits. We are located within view of the Cherokee National Forest in Greeneville, Tennessee.

AT ROCKY VALLEY FARM Pests and disease are managed with good animal husbandry and sustainable land management including pasture rotation and natural remedies. We do not subscribe to the common practice of toxic chemicals, over vaccinating or antibiotics. We grow as much of our food as well as our livestock’s feed as we can. I graduated with a BS degree and several master level courses in Engineering and Environmental Science.  I was born and raised in the Princeton, NJ area and spent most of my childhood exploring my grandparents farm on the Millstone River. Nearly every season Grandpa would plow up an artifact from the Lenapi Indians that  camped there regularly.  I cherish those items.  Sadly that property is now an upscale subdivision thus I  went in search of land of my own further south. I have a love for all of nature and try my best to live in unison with the land, flora and fauna on my little piece of heaven in beautiful Greeneville, Tennessee.