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We have raw, pasture raised, organic fed goat milk. TN Law states we cannot sell for human consumption so our products are labeled accordingly. What you do with it after you buy it is up to you. Personally, we drink it and make anything we possibly can! : )


Goat milk is an excellent product to wean puppies or nurse ill ones with as well. We also feed it to our adult dogs, chickens and pigs. All creatures eat healthy around here.

Why raw Goat’s milk?


The proteins in goat’s milk are different from cow’s milk protein, making them easier for humans to digest. Goat’s milk is also naturally homogenized. The cream stays suspended in the milk. Raw milk contains many natural enzymes that are destroyed in the pasteurization process that commercial milk undergoes. There are many reasons for wanting to drink raw goat’s milk. The best may be that it tastes so good!



Over the last few years I slowly switched from Nigerian dwarf to the Saanen. I am so glad I did! I originally thought the little Nigerian dwarf goat would be easier for me to handle given my petite size. Turns out they were little devils! Ha-ha, completely adorable but total stinkers. These Saanen beauties are as tall as my Landseer dogs but elegant and gentle. They are much taller and heavier but so much easier to manage and just super sweet and loving. Add to that they kid easily on their own and in any weather and can produce a gallon a day and it is a no brainer. Their teats are easier to handle and milk as well. I would say the only drawback is the slightly lower butterfat content. I will take that (for now, haha). No wonder they are the most milked goat in the world. Sometimes you just need to follow the wisdom. Lesson learned. I adore my Saanens! 

Lily, my first Nigerian dwarf goat with her doe Rosie


The Saanen Milk Goat




Kids -  2022


Does $350

Bucks $150