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A multigenerational, sustainably managed, self sufficient farm.

 ROCKY VALLEY FARM - We raise and train Newfoundland Landseers for service dogs of various types as well as for superior family protection and devotion. They have the most reliable temperament with children of any breed. With nearly 15 years of experience we have pups all over the country fullfilling these roles and numerous references available upon request. 


At Rocky Valley Farm pests and disease are managed with good animal husbandry and sustainable land management including pasture rotation and natural remedies. We grow as much of our food as well as our livestock’s feed as we can. I graduated with a BS degree from USF and added several master level courses in engineering and environmental science for my own personal interests and enjoyment.  I love to learn! I was born and raised in Princeton, NJ and spent most of my childhood exploring my grandparents farm on the Millstone River. Nearly every season Grandpa would plow up an artifact from the Lenapi Indians that  had camped there before NJ settlers arrived.  I cherish those items.  Sadly that property is now an upscale subdivision thus I  went in search of land of my own further south. We now have 4 generations living here. We have a love for all of nature and we try our best to live in unison with the land, flora and fauna on our little piece of heaven in beautiful Tennessee. 

Trained Pup Available! $3200.00


Patch is about to complete training and will be ready to go shortly. Contact me for more information. info@rockyvalleyfarm.com


Dark Brown and White Male with hazel eyes! Zoe's Litter 10/12/23 Ready to go. $3200.00

Rocky Valley Farm

American Landseer Newfoundland 

Service Dogs


Training Packages

Many of our pups are service animals for disabled adults and children as well as emotional support animals

Pups $2,200. 

Training Fee - based on package selected


Accepting deposits for 2024 Litters. Email for more information:       info@rockyvalleyfarm.com




                             NATURAL BREEDING ONLY 


   Our farm is a naturally and sustainably managed farm where along with farm animals we breed AKC registered American Landseer Newfoundlands and provide an optional Puppy Training Academy for customers in need of service animals or just desiring the ultimate puppy package.


Our dogs run together free as a bonded pack. We have 22 acres with pasture,  2 ponds and woods. We do natural breeding only and never force breed. Our dogs are loved completely and given the best life possible. Pups are born in our home and are with humans from day one. Our dogs are fed top quality beef, beef bone with marrow, chicken, fish, rabbit, egg, sweet potato, greens of many varieties and other natural, nutritious raw foods. Like many pet owners we struggled to find a kibble that met our standards. After a lot of trial and error and lengthy research I have selected Lifes Abundance as a supplement and wean our pups with a mix of natural foods and this superior kibble product for customers to continue with for the best quality healthy start in their pups life. 


We specialize in Landseer Newfoundland bloodlines such as the devoted companion of Princess Mary in the portrait done by Sir Edwin Landseer. We have purposefully selected genetic blood lines with these traits to improve the breed. Our lines produce brown and white as well as black and white.  I am breeding with a focus on old world genetic standards specifically hip and joint soundness as well as a dryer mouth and tighter eye to improve the overall cleanliness and health of my offspring and to address limited genetic variation in the current breeding practices found today.  Lineage on breeding pairs lineage is certified OFA Hips, Heart and Patellas etc for 3 generations back. Pups have a complete physical exam and are given vet health certification document along with a health guarantee, current vaccination and worming. We also offer several training packages including Basics, Therapy Dog and more to suite your family's needs and to provide you with the most well-behaved puppy ever. 


One of our lovable pups owned by Russell Biggs in Anchorage, Alaska is featured in Summer Film Festivals across the country. Mojo is a graduate of the Rocky Valley Training Academy as well. Check out Mojo!

Rocky Valley Farm feeds all pups real whole nutritious foods supplemented with only the best quality kibble. Lifes Abundance sources all their natural nutritional content from local growers and whole meat sources and the preparation is controlled and made 100% in America. There is no foreign derived content. We want only the best for our dogs. Feel free to review the product below.