Rocky Valley Training Academy                                                       We Use Positive Reinforcement Training techniques ONLY                                      Never Physical Punishment of any kind!

We have 3 training packages. All packages include Basic Training. See detailed information below.


 Bronze Package - $1500. - See Basics (approx 3 1/2 months old)


 Gold Package - $3,000. - Fully House Trained Young Adolescent includes Basics, Leash Training, Crate and House Etiquette (approx 4 1/2 months old ).  (Puppy will be the size of the pup in the picture below) 


Platinum Service/Therapy Package -  $3,000. - plus specific task fees - Gold Package plus Custom Beginner Service/Therapy Dog Training - Introduction to Service Vest, wheelchair, Walker, IV stand and other various needs  (Fee varies, trainer consult required to quote)

Trainer   Morgan Johnston                                                                                   2012     BA Psychology, Bahavior Modification Emphasis/ Minor Japanese                University of Tennessee, Knoxville                                                                    Graduated with Honors, member of Phi Sigma Theta                                      Mulitple References 

Graduate Certificate

Young graduate with new best friend!


We use positive reinforcement method only , never negative or physical punishment!

Training is just as important as quality genetics and breeding when it comes to having a wonderful canine companion, especially if they will weigh over 100lbs. All dogs live to please. Because we speak different languages a lot can be misinterpreted.


Our Trainer, Morgan Johnston, is an animal behaviorist with a degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee where she focused on behavioral modification studies. In her senior year she was selected out of her graduating class to participate as an intern in graduate research where she devoloped behavior modification techniques that went on to be published. From there she went on to work with children and adults that were in fulltime psychiatric care facillities. She grew up on a farm where dogs were her constant companions and best friends and spent her childhood studying their behavior. She incorporated her understanding that the uncoditional love from an animal can be very therapeutic for those struggling with emotional and physical limitations and started the Training Academy in 2010. The combination of her love of animals, life experience and education provides her a keen insight into the canine psyche and unmatched ability to train them to the specific needs of individuals. She now has dogs all over the country supporting the needs of very special, deserving  people. 


Rocky Valley Farm Puppy Academy is a 45 - 60+ day training program for our puppies that they complete before transfering to their new homes.  The basic training  will give you control of your new family member that  allows you both to communicate better from the start. The advanced levels will prepare your pup to go on and do great things not only for you but in hospitals, pychiatric offices and school settings as well. At the end of training a detailed video of the trainer and your pup is provided that discusses your pup and walks you through step by step how to continue with the training at home together. She is also available for consult as your pup grows. 


BRONZE  - $1500.



Name Recognition - Day one ​


Crate Familiarization - Crate is not a favorite forLandseer Newfoundlands because they do not feel they can do their job well with a barrier blocking their way. They prefer a bed at the foot of someones bed or near a door threshold. To attempt to overcome this an XXL  crate with the door removed for freedom in and out with a bed inside is available to access all day with an occassional treat to encourage acceptence of this concept. They then sleep in it in the evening. 


Sit - pretty basic but essential - We teach them to do this on command as well as when approached by a human. This helps eliminate the desire to jump on you and Granny. Later at 130lbs you will thank me.


Lay Down - Natural for a newf - this is the state you will find them in most and most likely at the feet of the youngest/weakest family member. When they are older you will wish you had a command for "can you please just move?!"


Come - if you can't get them to do this  - "Houston, we have a problem!" Picture trying to chase that cute 130lbs friend out the door with your TV remote in its mouth.


Hurry Up - this is the command we use to tell the pup to go to the bathroom "now" and not 45 minutes after it sniffed every blade of grass while you are walking in pouring rain.


Leave It - "Leave it" is the command we use to tell an animal that an object does not belong to them. If they learn that, your life will be so much easier. Once they grasp the understanding you can train them really fast in their new environment. ( Some dogs respond better to "utt utt" and we test which one is more effective) 

Socialization - Pup socialization is so important. Pups are born in our home and exposed to humans from day one. In training they are immersed in daily life with children, a small dog who thinks they run the planet, a cat who gets bravest furball award for sure and many different aged dogs so they learn appropriate pack order behavior and to get along with other animals. They are exposed to cattle, goats, chickens and ducks that they can see off in the pasture. Special videos are played on a large screen tv that has sounds of city and ambulances, police vehicles, garbage trucks etc. 

Weekly Update - Each week the trainer provides you a report on progress that includes pictures and videos of your pup interacting and dialog that describes what they are working on. Our customers greatly enjoy this aspect of the training program. You get to know your pups personality and see life from thier perspective.  

GOLD - HOUSE TRAINED YOUNG ADOLESCENT ( 4 1/2 months old ) $3,000.


Basics Training package plus house etiquette such as  not to jump on furniture or grab food off a plate or counter. Not to chew on items that don’t belong to them and to know certain toys do. Encouraged to lay down on a bed in the living room when in the house. This package also includes housebreaking. The trainer then instructs you how to teach what door at your home will be their exit to go potty. They will still be a puppy but well on their way to a well behaved family member.


Laesh training We familiarize pup with the feel of collar and leash.  Pup is trained to walk at the immediate side of the family member and to mimic the pace. The goal  is to familiarize the pup with the concept of heal, to sit when approached by other animals or people and that pulling is an absolute no-no. Why such a big deal? A full grown newf can pull over 10,000 lbs so its worth the extra effort! Don’t believe me? See the video above of one who weighs even less then most of my breeding stock and then imagine yourself walking your pup down the street when suddenly  a squirrel jumps out in front of you both and runs for its life toward the trees!!! Hope you know how to ski  -   : )


PLATINUM SERVICE/THERAPY PACKAGE  -  $3000.+ - Quote Provided based on needs

This includes Basics Training and then  focus is directed to the owners needs such as walk beside a wheelchair, walker etc and to familarize them with the sounds of hospital settings and much more. Price determined by skill needed but starts at $3000. Please inquire for more info.


Recent family email:


“She has to be the smartest and easiest dog I have ever owned. Everyone that has met her at our home comments on how well she minds and behaves.  I've been on crutches again because my right knee keeps giving out, yet I am easily able to walk her without fearing that she would pull hard on her leash and losing my balance and/or falling.  She just seems to have a sixth sense when she is with me, and I love her even more because of our bond. Once again I can't thank you enough for breeding such amazing dogs. I hope everyone is healthy and happy...........June”


What we can't do is train your family to use these words. Consistency is the key. No, stop it, bad boy, Oh my Gosh, Holy Cannoli and all the other things one may blurt out have no meaning to Cutie Pie if its not something they understand. If you use these 5 commands consistently you will have a really happy, pet friendly home.  (And barn too. I actually use the same training with my goats! : ))


And dont worry that they may not love you if you wait a bit longer to get them. I assure you they will latch on to you. First they will have Auntie, 24/7, to work with them during the most crucial training age. He/she will be a bigger fur ball but still a loving puppy happy to be with its forever family. The difference will come when shipping. A little more weight to ship will cost a little more.


***Like humans, all animals have their own personalities. Some pick up certain commands easier than others. We can't guarantee they will do these things perfectly but can guarantee they will be very familiar with them and we will let you know where their strengths and weaknesses lie. The trainer is also available for continued consult to help with any other training issues you may experience. I want both you and the pup to be happy together.***