To Your Door Delivery Service and Other Option

So excited to see your baby but forgot how they are getting to your family? There are several options to get your pup.


1. Pick Up at the Farm - Many families make a long weekend event out of picking up thier pup. Rocky Valley Farm is located close to the Cherokee National Park with many beautiful fun filled family destinations just around the corner. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast of game for the ultimate theme park and aquarium, its all just around the corner including:


Galtinburg and Pigeon Forge -

Ripley Aquarium - 

The Titanic -

Dollywood - (Dont let the name fool you, this park is awesome!)



We however are not an attraction so please note that we do not provide tours of our other farming operations.


2. Private Personal Delivery - For those of you that would like your pup delivered right to your door  we provide that service if schedule allows.  We also have met folks at a halfway point so if you are farther then 12 hours away, as many of our families are but dont want to fly your pup, we are willing to meet you at a halfway point as well.  We are willing to travel a pretty good distance and would be glad to quote you a delivery fee. I love exploring new areas of the country.


3. Air Shipping  - Not my favorite but I can help coordinate if weather permitting. Air Travel offers pet shipping service at this time for most of the US but pricing is hard to quote and needs to be checked regularly for an accurate estimate . We help to coordinate your puppies flight for you and do our best to accomadate your schedule. We aquire and prepare the crate and supplies, acquire the necessary paperwork and deliver to the airport for a fee however we can not be held responsible for the many variables outside of our control that occur with flying a pup such as weather, flight cancelation or last minute changes in policy and procedures. Ultimately it is up to you to get your pup to its new home but we do our best to help.


4. Ground Transport by 3rd Party - Though popular by many I am pretty picky about what service you want to use and will have you sign a liabillity waiver since I have heard some nightmare stories regarding some of these services. I have one transport service that was recently used by 2 customers to deliver by ground to CA and they were both very pleased. Not cheap, but definitely an elite delivery touch if that is the route you want to go.