Rocky Valley Lila AKC/CKC - Retired - 

Lila is AKC/CKC USA Newfoundland Landseer - Both Sir and Dam are certified Hips, Heart and Patellas Good for 3 generations back

Lila - Foundation Stock of Rocky Valley Farm

Lila is an AKC and CKC registered American Newfoundland Landseer possessing the old European Newfoundland Landseer traits of tight lip and eye.  When I found her I knew she was a keeper. She is first and foremost a beauty queen and she is the prettiest girl on the farm.  Her face is perfectly clean and proportioned. Her coat is absolutely silky, shiny and gorgeous requiring very little grooming. She is very unique in that she does not drool at all. Even when she gets really excited its only a bit of foam. She is large, 135lbs, with the Newfoundland block head and old world genetics of tight eye and taunt lower lip. This is very unusual for an AKC dog and is why I brought her into my breeding program. She is also by far the most intelligent dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and many of her pups have gone into therapy dog programs. Her pups, like her, are completely devoted to their people. She is so devoted to me she must have me in eyesight at all times. If you are looking for the be by your side, total devotion type dog with intellectual capability to do many advanced things, her offspring would be your best choice.  When out and about people inquire about what kind of dog she is. She is a USA Newfoundland Landseer and she is a beautiful specimen. Both her Sir and Dam are certified hips, heart and patella GOOD for 3 GENERATIONS BACK.

Baby Lila
Dam / Brandy AKC WS28287709 / OFA certified hips, cardiac and patella
Sire / Scotty AKC WS30688502 - OFA certified hips, cardiac and patella