Rocky Valley Samson - Passed away in August 2023 at age 15. My Baby boy : (

Samson with puppy Odin
Samson - CKC - Both Sir and Dam are certified Hips, Heart and Patellas Good for 3 generations back

Samson - What can I say other than he is the quintessential devoted, loving, sweet American Newfoundland Landseer. He is a big, big (about 140lbs) love bug. He loves to be a Daddy and is sweet and attentive to all his pups. He has such a loving spirit. Once a chicken got out of its pen and he started chasing it.  I thought for sure it was a gonner but to my complete surprise, once he had hold of it, he brought it right to me. He sat it down gently in front of me and then licked its little head. It was like he was saying "There you go little fella, Momma will take care of you". It was one of those moments when you look at a dog and see they are way more than humans give them credit for. He has all the sought after Newfoundland personality characteristics with block head shape but the old European Newfoundland Landseer traits of tighter lower lip and firm eye lids. He has the silkiest shiny coat indicative of superior health and all of these things is why he is my stud. He exhibits minimal drooling. He is my Baby Boy : )

Baby Samson
Daisy - CKC - Vet certified hips, heart & patellas Good
Keno - CKC Vet certified hips, heart and patellas Good