Panda - with her favorite ball

Foundation Stock of Rocky Valley Farm

Can you say ...BIG?  Panda is a tank. She is the 2nd largest female dog in our breeding program weighing in at 150 lbs. With that large size comes an even bigger heart. She is a big, sweet loving creature. She is the most affectionate of my dogs. She is all about being by my side and kisses, kisses and more kisses. She is never more than  a step away. She loves little children and all creatures. She has an extremely beautiful profile as seen in the picture above. Both her Sir and Dam are certified OFA for 3 GENERATIONS BACK. She exihibits minimal drooling. Panda is registered both AKC and CKC. 


!st Choice  Male   -  2 Freckles Boy - Logan Family

2nd Choice Male   - 2 Stripe Boy - Hincher - Thompson Family

3rd Choice Male   -  White Blaze Boy - Boyd Family - Training Academy

1st Choice Female   -  Buttefly Girl - Banko/Miller Family

2nd Choice Female   -  Three Spot Girl - Hall Family  - Training Academy

Previous Litter

Male 1 - Sold - Haffner Family - Max (Graduate of Puppy Academy!)

Male 2 - Sold - Harvey Family - Cosmo (Graduate of Puppy Academy!)

Male 3 - Sold - Sinclair Family - Bruno (Graduate of Puppy Academy!)

Baby Panda
Dam / Girlfriend - Show Winner - AKC WS35698901 - OFA Certified Hips, Cardiac, patella
Sir / Sir Maxwell - AKC WS22469808 - OFA Certified - Hips, Elbows, Cystinuria, Patella, Cardiac, Thyroid