Rocky Valley Sheila - AKC - Retired

Sheila, the majestic and unforgettable. Sheila is our largest female and extra large and tall weighing close to 170 lbs. She possesses a look that one could not possibly ignore and at times I call her Beautiful Beast for she definitely makes that first impression. This picture of her is in winter coat in February. She is standing at the top of a ridge on the farm checking all the surrounding area. Sheila is the daughter of Lila and was bred here on our farm to Odin to lock in specific traits for size and superior temperament. She is now of age and entered into breeding if she is so inclined. We never force breed. We breed not only for excellent temperament but for tighter lip conformation and she is a light to average drooler on the drool scale meaning when she is running a lot or excited she will have moisture pool at the side of her lip and occassionally it may fall over the edge. None of our dogs have the constant long "goober" type that can be slung across the room. : )

Sheila is intelligent and highly aware of her surrundings yet at the same time possesses the superior temperament of her parents. She is excellent with even toddler age with endless patience and tolerance. If you like BIG DOGS then her litters are for you.